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Hey there, welcome to my portfolio

I'm Emeka, I plan and create stylish, clean and
intuitive digital products.

About me

  Certified in Computer Interaction Design - Bsc.
(University of Bedfordshire)

I am a strong UI and UX designer with ability to develop ideas into ground breaking concepts that exceed expectations. I've had numerous years of invaluable field experience designing sites in industries that include medical, banking, government, media and travel. My career kicked off just after my bachelor of science degree at the University of Bedfordshire, where i achieved a 2:1 certification in Computer Interaction Design. I started off working for the Home Office in Croydon, south London. A few years after, I had my first role as a UI designer. working at Mediacom in Holborn. Since then, I have acquired numerous skillsets in designing thoughtful & memorable experiences, products and services that play meaningful roles in people's lives & business success. I am always up to date with the latest trends, not only across design & tech but in human behaviour as well, and this will always be useful in my future roles.

My process for delivering pixel perfect design solutions


Mobile web optimisation

A user experience optimisation project for a top travel brand visited by over 2million users daily in more than 46 countries across the globe.

British Gas, ENP

A series of sales campaigns to improve business performance by engaging new customers, identifying their home energy needs and providing solutions.

Bupa, PeoplePlace

A sophisticated intranet portal that's helping BUPA's People-Team to manage, support and provide resources to over 20k users across the UK.

Papa's Pizzeria 

A case study focused on delivering an intuitive mobile app for a busy high street Pizza shop to enable its customers place orders remotely.

Encore, Best of Theatre

Designing a fresh new online ticket outlet for London's theatre lovers, making it easier for people to see their favourite west-end shows

Bupa UK  

A project to revamp the Bupa corporate website to position it as a prominent and reputable medical insurance and care services provider

Articles and creative design 

Process for producing a tangible
design concept

By Emeka Ewule  |  August 2017

Using actionable customer insights to derive the target experience for product design

Principles of wireframe design for
user interfaces

By Emeka Ewule | January 2018

A look at how to define the content, structure, and
behaviour of user interfaces 

Evaluating ideas for a design concept

By Emeka Ewule | June 2018

Looking at how to validate assumptions
about your customers or solution concepts during
the design process.